Friday Classes


9:15 Blues Dancing for Beginners

Adam Wilkerson will equip you with solid fundamentals in this class. The fun and energy is courageous in a way that ensures basics does not mean boring. No experience or partner require

9:15 Club Dancing for Blues Dancers

Damon and Kelsy Stone will use this unique class to pull from solo and partnered jazz and blues movement and dances and help you feel confident and comfortable exploring spaces other than your local blues dance. 

Saturday Classes


12:30-1:45 Blues in the Context of Black Churches (All Levels)

Adam Wilkerson and Grey Ruffin

Blues music and gospel music have intersected since their inception in the late nineteenth century. It's no coincidence that blues and goodies share so much structure and soul: The very same folks playing that guitar on Sunday morning we're frequently closing down the local juke joint on Saturday night. Let's set the tone for the weekend by talking through examples and listening to some of that similar structure through some comparative listening and lively discussion!

1:55-3:10 Around Midnight (Fundamentals)

Kelsy & Damon Stone

Blues music was the voice of Black America, both Rural and Urban. It didn’t matter if it was played at a rent party, a jook joint, a cookout, or on your front stoop, it was music meant to move you...and move to. We’ll look at a number of simple and versatile dances that will get you comfortable to get out on the floor and feeling good.

1:55-3:10 Gospel and Blues in the Delta (Intermediate/Advanced)

Adam & Krystal Wilkerson

Some say the Blues was born in the Mississippi Delta. But after Robert Johnson, so many Delta artists left their marks on the Blues world. We'll talk about several of the musicians from the region, including Son House and B.B. King, and how their Saturday night music bled into their Sunday services, and dive into the Jukin’ dances they did and still do in this tiny strip of land just south of Memphis. 

1:55-3:10 Slow Down: I Just Want to Get to Know You (Intermediate/Advanced)

Grey Ruffin and Dominic Hanna

Most people think dancing fast is hard, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Truly settling into your body, feeling every muscle streeeetch, and the heart beat of your partner as the music drags over your mind, is much harder. Join Dominic and Grey as they teach you how to really let that moment stretch forever and watch your dances become so connected, you... never... want… to... leave...

3:20-4:35 Styling Turns (Fundamentals)

Krystal Wilkerson & Dominic Hanna

Comfy and clear turns are a magical skill. We will pull fun technique drills out of a hat and shatter the illusions of how turns are executed. In this class we will focus on how to create and style your turns and give you the tips behind the magic tricks.

3:20-4:35 Rev Gary Davis: Gospel and Piedmont (Intermediate/Advanced)

Adam Wilkerson & Kelsy Stone

The sound of finger-picked guitars and high voices define the Blues coming out of the Piedmont in Georgia, Virginia, and the Carolinas. This music bled into church music, as well, from the beginning. And no one exemplifies this music better than the Rev Gary Davis. We'll explore his life and music through the lens the relaxed Blues Idiom Dance called Piedmont Triple, so come chill out with us in this wonderful country gospel blues dance!


3:20-4:35 Swag (Intermediate/Advanced)

Grey Ruffin & Damon Stone

Sometimes the music takes you. The song ends and you are dripping, heart pounding, and you are SPENT. Other times you are the coolest person on the floor barely doing more than the basic. Every shift, every roll, every step is quiet thunder. This class will teach you how to connect with your partner and the music and teach you how to make attitude another tool in your musical box.

4:45-6:00 Double-Buggin' (All Levels)

Adam Wilkerson, Amos Rose, and Jordie Ashley

Ever wanted to dance with 2 folks to the same song? In this class, we'll work through having a great time with two partners, collaborating as a group, and how to switch off among partners. We'll incorporate all the call and response you've worked on throughout the weekend (because what would a gospel weekend be without Call and Response) to work together and never against each other to build a fun dance as a trio!

4:45-6:00 Start Struttin’ (All Levels)

Krystal Wilkerson & Dominic Hanna

If you’re new to Blues dancing, you may have noticed the swift feet of couples leanin’ on each other dancing to the rapid sounds of the Delta in the wonderful dance of Struttin’. Born in the delta, this dance features a unique connection called the lean-to and lots of room for each member of the partnership to express the music in their own way. We’ll start from the ground up, covering the basic pulse, lean-to connection, movin’ around, and even some fancy footwork to get you started! Come dance with us, and we’ll have you partnered up and moving in no time! 

4:45-6:00 Steppin’ Out (All Levels)

Kelsy & Damon Stone

Blues and Swing are two sides of the same coin and where they meet are Soul and Rhythm & Blues. Chicago Steppin’ is an urban dance that grew out of this tradition and today is danced in every corner of the United States. Come and join us for a crash course in this smooth cool dance.

4:45-6:00 Battling the Mirror (All Levels)

Grey Ruffin

Dancing alone is a nightmare coming true for most newcomers and partner dancers. All insecurities and feelings on display for everyone to see. Or so we think. In reality most often we are battling ourselves. Solo blues is a way to overcome those feelings, acknowledge we aren’t alone, get to the roots of our realest feelings and share it with the world. Come get in touch with your body, your soul, and your expression, in this life changing class.

Sunday Classes


1:30-6:00 Crash Course in DC Swing/Hand Dancing

We will have a group of instructors from the organization Love2 Dance2 teaching us all the basics and fundamentals of hand dancing.