Teacher Track


There are three types of teacher that we particularly have in mind: less experienced teachers in isolated scenes who would like to be able to teach Slow Drag well to build up their scene, both adding an ace to their hand and improving their teaching of other things through transferable knowledge, particularly of context and culture; less experienced teachers in larger scenes who would like to be able to offer great Slow Drag classes as part of a broader rotation of teachers; and experienced teachers who would like to take a deep dive into blues dancing’s most pervasive, flexible, and durable idiom. 

Our teacher track classes on Saturday will cover much of the same ground as the dancer track classes, but with more focus on helping others to get there. On Sunday, we will join together and half of the teachers will teach the dancers, troubleshooting their Slow Drag, while the other half prepare feedback, before switching. We will have instructors floating to enhance the process. The remainder of the Sunday will be spent first with Harlem Slow Drag, and then in more modern Slow Drag with Bobby Green. Because we don’t believe that many of y’all will be teaching contemporary black ballroom Slow Drag, we’re not having a teacher track for that, although the content should still be useful context for teaching a living dance. 

This weekend is intended as a supplement to other teacher tracks rather than as a replacement; most event teacher tracks focus on procedural approaches, whereas our focus is on providing content, culture, and context. Both are important for teachers to develop.